Teepee Land Berlin

Modern Berlin Indians

Encountering a group of yurts, in the middle of the city, is a strange experience. Coming from the hyper-touristic East Side Gallery, just two steps further, you enter a completely different world.

Hidden along the Spree in Kreuzberg you can find ‘Teepee Land’. These ‘Modern Indians’ live in self-built teepees directly on the banks of the Spree.

You can find this community on a small area of wasteland, in front of the ruin of the former ice factory. Besides the teepees, there is a bar, a repair shed, a vegetable garden, and a boathouse.

The inhabitants have lived here for a couple of years now. They organise cultural events and the place is open to the public. Preserving their freedom is to them the most important thing. There are strict rules, like no drug use and no violence. By adopting this attitude, they hope it will allow them to continue living here in peace.

In a certain way, it gives you the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of Berlin’s early 90s: right after the fall of Wall there was an abundance of space, freedom and creativity.

‘Teepee Land’ is a misfit. New luxury lofts have been built next to the tents, on the other side of the river Spree there are famous Clubs: ‘Kater Blau’ and ‘Der Holzmarkt’. A bigger contrast is almost imaginable.


– You can follow the small path and walk along the river banks. It gives a unique view of the city.
– Check the schedule for events, jam sessions, open-air movies and the comedy nights on Sunday evening.

More information

Schillingbrücke 3
Kreuzberg Berlin

Public Transport:
Nearest by train station: Ostbahnhof. Walk across the bridge on the Schillingbrücke, turn right down the stairs, and follow the path for 200 metres and you will see a small sign: ‘Teepee Land’.

Opening times:

The events are free, but giving a small donation is very much appreciated.



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